suzie005 14:10 23 Sep 2005

since putting the pc on just after 12 i haven't bin able 2 get in2 my hotmail acct.i can get 2 the site ok and sign in but then page cannot be displayed cums up.can access all other idea wot the problem mite b?

  David4637 14:14 23 Sep 2005

Try putting your script in English, its much more easy to read than what you have written above. I have just accessed hotmail with no probs. David

  suzie005 14:17 23 Sep 2005

'scuse me but wot's not in english?

  GroupFC 14:55 23 Sep 2005

I think David4637 means that he finds it easier to read postings if they are not in "text speak" (as I do too!). For example "bin able 2 get in2" and "ne idea wot the problem mite b" - LOL!

  Derries 15:02 23 Sep 2005

I am having the same problem. Check out the link below.
click here

  suzie005 15:05 23 Sep 2005

this ne better?

since putting the pc on just after 12 i haven't been able to get into my hotmail acct.i can get to the site ok and sign in but then page cannot b displayed comes up.does anybody no wot the problem might b?

  suzie005 15:08 23 Sep 2005

ta 4 that.doesn't help us tho does it and i can't get me mail.well i can but via WAP and it'd take all day ( and use money)

  Derries 15:08 23 Sep 2005

Lol......Suzie. Check my link above.

  David4637 15:08 23 Sep 2005

You'll get quicker more a relevant answer if folk can understand what you are trying to say without them having to DECODE FIRST. David

  lotvic 15:11 23 Sep 2005

It might be related to all the other problems you are having with your Evesham pc. Did Magik ®© manage to help you in your other thread click here if so can you green tick it as resolved

  suzie005 15:15 23 Sep 2005

been on the site 4 about 4 yrs now and never had a problem.


hiya it's just hotmail that's the i said when i first posted i can get on2 other sites.haven't ticked the other thread cos i'm still on2 it.


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