broughton1 15:53 12 Oct 2004

hi again. i cant seem to get onto hotmail at all. i have been told that its prob because of java (im lost) or could it be something else. its been like this now for about a week and im running xp pro without serv pak 2 ****


  Sethhaniel 16:06 12 Oct 2004

or Dial-up

  broughton1 16:14 12 Oct 2004

broadband, and ive tried dl java, with no effect

  Sethhaniel 16:22 12 Oct 2004

tried Tools -Internet Options- Connections - LAn Settings - untick/Tick Proxy Server

  broughton1 16:35 12 Oct 2004

already unticked !!!!when i go to hotmail it says done but the page is blank :(

  broughton1 16:37 12 Oct 2004

its not just hotmail. im xperiencing probs with some other web pages too

  VoG II 16:54 12 Oct 2004

Have a look for a file called hosts (no file extension). In Windows 2000 and XP it would be in


or in earlier Windows


If you find the file, rename it to something else and restart your PC.

  Valvegrid 17:23 12 Oct 2004

If you find no Hosts, this link will test if JavaScript is working: click here

And this link will test Java Sun, not needed by Hotmail, but it will test it anyway: click here

  broughton1 22:03 15 Oct 2004

renamed file =no luck and tried the java script link but no luck, the page opens but its blank :(

  Valvegrid 22:15 15 Oct 2004

That first link I posted may look blank, but at the top right hand corner you should see one line of writing if JavaScript is working like 'Your browser supports JavaScript version 1.3'

  Valvegrid 22:17 15 Oct 2004

Sorry, should have read top left hand corner.

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