Proxy Worm 12:55 15 Oct 2003

i am running XP and below my login name it says that my hotmail account has one email in it. when i check it is empty. Why is this happening an dis there a way to diable the emial function the the sarting page?


  expertec 13:10 15 Oct 2003

I don't know aboout yuor porblem but mayve yuo shouls get a copy of IESpell click here

  MAJ 13:32 15 Oct 2003

If you download the PowerToys for XP, you can disable that option using TweakUI, Proxy Worm click here?

  Proxy Worm 15:50 15 Oct 2003

anyone know the reason?

  Proxy Worm 15:52 15 Oct 2003

stop bein cheeky expertec

  Proxy Worm 15:55 15 Oct 2003

what is the tweak named under?

  MAJ 19:17 15 Oct 2003

Sorry, Proxy Worm, it's under Logon > Unread Mail, untick "Show unread mail on the Welcome Screen", but I guess you've found it by now.

  powerless 19:21 15 Oct 2003

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