muscic lover 16:48 28 Sep 2004

Does anybody know of a decent hotkey programme??

One that allows me to use ALT + a key of my choice to open a programme. EgALT + P to open the PC Advisor web page.

Preferably one that is free to use as well.....

I am running windows Me.

MANY thanks in Advance

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:34 28 Sep 2004

This one is superb and only $ here

and here click here


  keith-236785 19:00 28 Sep 2004

there is one built into windows, shortcut key is available by right clicking the file you want to assign the shortcut to. in the box next to Shortcut Key:

press CTRL+ALT+the key of your choice.

thats it, some commands are reserved for windows but im sure you will find one you like.

good luck

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