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  User-A039F74C-8E2E-41F4-A0FDB7F00987D758 11:26 12 Aug 2003

On booting up 'Hotkey Keyboard' shows in my programmes open taskbar, which I close. In Control Panel > Add or remove programs there are countless entries for Windows XP Hotfix - some with KB followed by numbers, others with (SP2) Q followed by numbers. I have installed all updates for my machine from MS site but cannot find anything relating to Hotfix. Can anybody offer me any assistance, please?

  Jester2K II 11:33 12 Aug 2003

Isn't this the drivers for your keyboard?

Do you have one of those with the buttons for e-mail, internet etc...

This may be the driver for the keyboard, and

Sorry, I 'entered' without completing. I have an Internet connect keyboard.

  Jester2K II 11:45 12 Aug 2003

So it has those buttons then??

"'Hotkey Keyboard' shows in my programmes open taskbar" - do you mean at the bottom of the screen? Or on the bottom right?

What happens it you click on it?

I apologise for being vague, the 'hotkey keyboard' box appears at the bottom right near the 'Start' button. When left-clicked nothing happens. On a right click the only option that works is close. I am using an e-machine but trying to access their tech help draws a blank as it is a US site which requires state & zip code.
I do really appreciate your patience!

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