kimtrnc 16:30 17 Jul 2009

I am having a problem with "invisible" flash drives. Microsoft says it has a hot fix for this. I downloaded and unzipped the fix I downloaded a hot fix 326746_ENU_i386_zip.exe . Clicking this goes round in a circle and gets nowhere. There was no installer with it. Help, please?

  accordion 16:59 17 Jul 2009

Could you provide a link to the Microsoft hot fix?

The file you mention does not show up on a search apart from questions about what it is (on the PrevX site).


  kimtrnc 17:39 17 Jul 2009

Thanks for answering.
The link is
click here)

  Pineman100 18:22 17 Jul 2009

Can you give a fuller explanation of your problem? And tell us what version of Windows you run?

I presume that your USB memory stick is not being recognised, but exactly what are the circumstances?

  accordion 23:04 17 Jul 2009

The link you have provided only goes to the file itself. I won't download a file from an unknown source.

The download isn't from a Microsoft page, so what is needed is for you to say where MS says it has a hot fix for the problem.

At this stage, the file you have mentioned and provided a link to is suspect. Possibly not an official hot-fix.


  kimtrnc 04:05 18 Jul 2009

Pineman, I'm running XPPro, with SP3. I have two memory sticks, one formatted NTFS and one FAT. When placed in any of my USB ports, the system makes a sound, but neither of the drives will show in My Computer. I get round this by going into AdminTools/computerManagement/Disk Management, where they are visible. Both have drive letters. From there, I can open and see the contents of either of the drives. Tried making a desktop shortcut while the folder is opne, to get round this, but when I come back this will only take me to My Computer, which does not show the flash drive!!

Accordion - the site was click here;en-us;297694
the article number was QD97694. It said there was a hotfix available and offered a download. It never occurred to me that the link would not lead to a Non-Microsoft site.

  accordion 10:28 18 Jul 2009

That 'Microsoft' page is NOT a genuine MS page.

The link goes to a mocrosoft address (note the deliberate misspelling), you should delete the file, it isn't a genuine fix.


  Pineman100 10:32 18 Jul 2009

Here's one thought: Windows can sometimes get confused about allocating drive letters, and you can end up with two devices that have the same letter. In this case, it seems Windows just shrugs its shoulders and ignores the newer of the devices.

Try going into Disk Management (as you did before), right-click on the drive and assign it a new drive letter. Make sure it's a letter that's not being used by anything else - something at the far end of the alphabet perhaps.

  kimtrnc 12:20 18 Jul 2009

Pineman - have changed drive letters lots of times - no difference. I think it may be my system itself that is beginning to die... Oh dear - and I REALLY don't want a Vista machine, and I won't be lloking at 7 until the bugs are out....

Accordion - just had another look at the page - it is EXACTLY like Ms page, format, colours, everything. So how can I know which of these is genuine, and which not? I'm lucky this doesn't seem to have done any damage, but it easily could have! Should I be telling MS themselves about this?

Tx to both of you for your help

  kimtrnc 05:46 19 Jul 2009

Well, you were right, guys - I have picked up some sort of virus from this little exercise, which preents me from getting on to, would you believe! First thing I did was a System Restore - several System Restores. The system goes through the normal process, then says "no files can be changed", even though my restore points show quite clearly. I am using AVG virus protector, but clearly it isn't man enough to prevent, or heal, the problem. I can work round this, but I would rather cure it. any ideas, pretty please?

  accordion 16:33 19 Jul 2009

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