Hot Laptop....Switches OFF!!

  [DELETED] 09:30 02 Aug 2003

In the last few days my laptop has been getting really hot. Twice it has switched itself off for no aparrent reason!. I re-boot and everything seems fine. Both times I've been on the internet when this has happened. Should I be worried?

  [DELETED] 09:41 02 Aug 2003

If you have a firewall then it is nothing but a problemm with the PC.

I would myself check the fan is working, keep it in a cool place,

It is like my servers, in the BIOS is a setting too:

A temp. cut out feature, when the PC gets over 65 it turns off, check your BIOS, I now keep them in an air conditioned room.

  [DELETED] 09:42 02 Aug 2003

Check in pwr management.

  [DELETED] 12:41 02 Aug 2003

I had this problem with a new Toshiba I bought last year. The fan was working OK, so I returned it to the shop. It was returned after Toshiba had changed the mother board. No probs now.

Make sure that the fan vents are completely clear of obstructions

  wee eddie 21:17 02 Aug 2003

that you are blocking the fan intakes. Such cutouts often happen when you are working on you knee or haven't taken it out of your carry pack.

If there is any chance that dirt has got in. A very careful cleaning is in order.

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