Hot Laptop

  JustJack 10:13 03 Oct 2003

I have a Packard Bell laptop (Easyone Silver 3131 Combo - Model 7521N) which gets very hot in the rear right hand corner - where the power cord enters the casing. This is also the area where the battery resides and I just wondered if I should be concerned? I am told that a Laptop is designed to run hotter than a PC but this is too hot to touch. Anyone else noticed this and is it a problem

  pj123 10:27 03 Oct 2003

Yes, I had to do a restore on someone's PB laptop yesterday and it did get very hot underneath. I put it on one of those "cake cooling racks" that most people have in their kitchens, which lifted it another inch or so off the bench. This allowed more air to circulate underneath. Whether that had any effect or not I don't know, as I wasn't there long enough to find out. Another piece of kit to put in your laptop carry case when you're out and about???

  JustJack 10:35 03 Oct 2003

Yup - had thought of doing something like that but it does seem unreasonable to pay c.£1K and then put it on a cake rack! My worry was that a problem with the battery connection would the thing eventually shut down.

  pj123 15:38 03 Oct 2003

I don't think so. This one said 8% battery charging, but after an hour or more it said 89% and still charging. It did keep going into sleep mode but after hitting esc it came back with no adverse effects. I reckon that is the way it works.

  JustJack 11:33 06 Oct 2003

I'll elect to live with it for now

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