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  Gummomarx 12:11 26 Jun 2008

Please recommend me a host for my site: click here.

It's using less than half the Virginmedia allowance of 55MB of free space. I haven't been able to amend my VM space since 11 April due to VM having made a mess of a file migration.

The domain is registered with eNom after the debacle with

  Gummomarx 12:46 26 Jun 2008

That looks perfect - thanks. It looks like I have to move my domain registration to heartinternet to qualify.

  Gummomarx 15:23 26 Jun 2008

I agree.

  Terry Brown 14:29 30 Jun 2008

I have a virgin media account and a Heartinternet (free) account. The only problem is heartinternet does not support Frontpage as Virginmedia does, apart from that, it is a very good site.

  Gummomarx 18:28 30 Jun 2008

Thanks Terry. Can you confirm that you have to move your domain registration to Heartinternet to avail of the free hosting?


  Terry Brown 12:46 01 Jul 2008

Is is normal, when you take out a hosting package to transfer your name to the hosting company, see link click here, as any web pages you create with the domain name (on virgin or another hosting company) will go to the same web site.

The cost of transferring is usually less than £5 and could be free.

  Gummomarx 13:50 01 Jul 2008

Thanks Terry - checking it out now.


  manrow 15:19 02 Jul 2008

I am concerned about a comment above by Terry Brown suggesting that not all web hosting sites support frontPage, but how do I find out in advance?

  manrow 16:05 02 Jul 2008

Thanks Kemistri, that is absolutley clear!

  Gummomarx 22:26 02 Jul 2008

Thanks very much for the advice.

I actually have the domain registered via where it redirects to my free space at I have now given up on my free space at VM as it is now utterly useless.

I use Dreamweaver to FTP the files on my PC which is a painless operation.

My renewal date for is in August. Before then, I propose to move declanworld's registration to where I'll also get free hosting as recommended by many on this forum.


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