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  Jimbo50 10:29 23 Mar 2011

I have had a website built in PrestaShop and it appears that there is a problem having it hosted by 123 Reg without a great deal of problems according to my web designer.

I have put a number of question to the hosting site and am awaiting a fuller answer.

Has anyone used PrestaShop and 123Reg and if so are they aware of any problems?

  LastChip 12:25 23 Mar 2011

You say your web designer says there are a great deal of problems, but what are those problems?

PrestaShop uses a combination of php and MySql, which many content management systems use. I can't see any particular reason why that should cause a "great deal of problems".

I note that PrestaShop says on their site there are issues with certain versions of php and Mysql.

Perhaps that's where the problem lays. That said, I use MySql version 5.0.51a and php version 5.2.6-1 on my Debian server without issues, albeit with WordPress.

I appreciate I'm not giving you a direct answer to your question, as I don't use PrestaShop and quite honestly, before your post, had never heard of it. But without knowing what your problems are likely to be, it's difficult to make any reasonable stab at the likely outcome.

If it's simply an incompatibility of the versions of php, MySql and PrestaShop, you may have no choice, but to use a different host that is compatible with PrestaShop.

  Jimbo50 12:53 23 Mar 2011

Last Chip

Thanks for your reply, I was told that there was a hosting issue by 123Reg and my web designer gave me this reply;

"As you agreed on Friday morning, 1-2-3, had told you that it was a hosting error, that was preventing the domain pointing correctly to the new site, and I spent most of Friday afternoon, trying to resolve this, and on the phone to 1-2-3 reg. I have spent a great deal of time on Sunday and today, resolving this problem, which lies with the hosting company and the inability for their cpanel to point the site correctly. As the site is dynamic and is database driven by a MySQL database, it is not a case of simply moving the location of the old site into the root directory, as you were misinformed by 1-2-3, as this would prevent most of the functionality of the site from working and would have broken it, as the paths would have changed.

I have created a configuration script for your hosting server, which I have tested and does work, which will allow the new site to appear under the original domain name, without having to move the site. This effectively allows the site to go live.”

To my untrained mind it would seem that my site would not be sent to 123 Reg but would reside elsewhere?

My designer chose PrestaShop and was aware that I used 123Reg for hosting. I had to do the chasing to 123Reg to find out what was happening after a week of waiting for the site to go live and now I believe my designer is trying to screw me out of more money for completion.

I would be grateful for your comments.

  Taff™ 13:52 23 Mar 2011

Dual posting in Webdesign forum click here

I suggest you close this post and concentrate on the webdesign forum. The experts in there will know more about the technical issues.

  beynac 16:37 23 Mar 2011

Is the problem that you would need to have PrestaShop installed on the server? Your host, 123Reg, may not allow that.

  Forum Editor 00:17 24 Mar 2011

to the thread you posted in the webdesign forum - the one at the link provided by Taff™. I'm locking this version as it can be confusing to have two threads on the same subject running in different forum areas.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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