Hosting with web mania how to change servers

  hooligan 13:41 30 May 2004

You need to point your existing domain at our servers, to do that you just need to have the name servers on your domain name changed to:

how do i do that, i have tried with 1 and 1 but dont get it , i can change forwarding but is that the one ?

i have domain with 1 and 1 and hosting with web mania now.

will they do it for me ? ive emailed to find out just wondered if any one knows


  Forum Editor 14:53 30 May 2004

over to webmania? It will save all this faffing around with web forwarding. If you have a hosting account with webmania you have presumably registered a domain name with them -have you? You can put your website into that space, and then point the 1&1 name to it, but it's an unnecesary chore - just transfer the name from 1&1 and close your account - unless you're planning on using the space for something else.

  Patr100 15:51 30 May 2004

I have a related problem. Web forwarding of my 1&1 domain works with my new webmania space but without being able to change the Primary secondary servers to webmania I can't get site statistics.From my contact with them, 1&1 appears to have a fault with their control panel with my package which they didn't seem in a hurry to correct.

I assume the transfer over to webmanis (detagging?) will incur a charge?click here

  hooligan 15:55 30 May 2004

You need to point your existing domain at our servers, to do that you just need to have the name servers on your domain name changed to: i am getting lost now.

You need to point your existing domain at our servers, to do that you just need to have the name servers on your domain name changed to:

To have theses changed you need to contact the company that registered the domain name, they will either do it for you or tell you waht you need to do.

Once It has been changed it will take 24 - 48 hours to update.

If you have a .uk domain you may also have the IPS TAG changed, which is


If the IPS TAG is changed we will be billing you for the domain name when it comes round for renewal.

totally lost cheers

  hooligan 16:27 30 May 2004

then the hosting. i thought the name went with me, i want to keep domain with one and one if i have to pay webmania and host there. i have hosting now but lost as what to do.

  Taran 17:46 30 May 2004

Let's go back to the beginning shall we ?

Did you register your domain name with 1&1 ?

If so, call them or email them and ask to have it transferred out to Web Mania. You will need to give them the Web Mania details and you will also need to tell Web Mania you want to transfer the domain to them.

What happens is that the domain will be removed from the 1&1 servers (detagged) and transferred (tagged) to Web Mania's servers.

24 to 48 hours is the norm for transferring in and out from one host to another.

If you do this your web space at 1&1 will not have a site address to point to since the URL will be tagged by Web Mania, so your 1&1 site will be dead unless you point it to a domain name or register another one.

  hooligan 18:43 30 May 2004

I have domain only with 1 & 1 ive emailed them to move to web mania

i have no hosting with 1 & 1

so do i just wait now.

i was hoping it would be easy....well not for me


would i have told wab mania when i said i have a domain name i want to use ?

or do tell them seperate.

  Taran 19:04 30 May 2004

Tell 1&1 you want to transfer the domain out to Web Mania and give them Web Mania's tag information.

Tell Web Mania you will be transferring a domain in from 1&1 and that they should expect it.

1&1 and Web Mania will each do their thing (1&1 detag the domain name and Web Mania tag it using their information) and you should have your address tagged by Web Mania within a day or two.

You'll have to upload a copy of your site to your account with Web Mania and then anyone who types in the address will find your web files on the Web Mania web servers. This also means that the seacrh engines will be able to find the pages since the URL will be pointing directly to files on a dedicated account and not redirecting to another domain.

  Forum Editor 20:19 30 May 2004

your new web host will ask the previous host for the retag - this means that they will provide the correct information to your previous host. Many hosts require a fax on headed paper before they'll retag a name, so check with 1&1 first.

A point of interest - you say you have no hosting with 1&1, so where is your site currently hosted? Presumably on some free webspace somewhere - pointed to the 1&12 server.

  hooligan 20:33 30 May 2004

Ive messed up in the 1&1 control room trying to change it. so i have cancelled with web mania.i will try again when i have it all wrote down what i have to do i thought it would be easy. i dont understand it all tags and stuff.

i will try next week cheers fe and taran

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