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  Malli_Na 12:59 05 Feb 2013

Hello to all! Help me a little bit, please :)

What hosting/cloud companies do you recommend to host an application built with Ruby on Rails? It will replace an application based on LAMP stack that has around 100k visitors per day. I don't want to use things like Heroku since that would link me too much to that provider and I had difficulties in the past with this. I have some basic linux knowledge but I would not call myself a sysadmin.

  LastChip 15:45 10 Feb 2013

Ruby comes with a built in server WEBrick, though I have zero knowledge as to how it's set-up or indeed, how reliable it is. My understanding is, WEBrick can be run on a Linux or Windows server.

You'll need to contact various hosts and make sure their servers can accommodate an application written in Ruby on Rails. It will almost certainly be a Linux based host server.

I suspect you will find more than you think, as Ruby on Rails is becoming a very popular language. The only question mark, is whether your selected host has loaded the appropriate packages to run Ruby on Rails.

You can also run it on an existing LAMP stack, providing the Phusion Passenger module has been installed in Apache2 and as already mentioned, the appropriate packages.

The alternative is to rent your own virtual server and you can set it up how you like.

  Malli_Na 15:51 11 Feb 2013

Thanks for your kind reply. I'll try to start with Amazon and see if I can figure out how to use it. The closest DC seems to be in Dublin so we should be ok. I'll probably setup mod_rails (Passenger) as it will be running in Apache which I know a little bit. The trouble is I have no idea how much it would cost me to run there.

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