Nelmon2k 21:01 18 May 2005

I'm not sure if you would class this as a network problem or as a web problem but here it goes. I'm trying to set up a webserver on a spare computer. I can do this but my problem is to make people able to see it from the internet. I am using a zoom adsl modem and a u s robotics wireless network router. I created a firewall rule that says when a connection comes in on port port 81 it should forward it to the router which in turn should forward it to my IP address. When I try this though it gvies me a connection denied or a 404 error message. If anyone can point me in the direction of any websites which will help or point me in the right direction I would be very grateful.

  Nelmon2k 08:22 19 May 2005

bump (sorry)

  LeadingMNMs 21:25 19 May 2005

I think HTTP works on port 80, not 81.

  Nelmon2k 10:08 21 May 2005

It does. I was trying to get around the firmware on the modem and router if that makes any sense. I managed that in the end by toying with all the options on the modem but I still couldn't get it to work. I've now ended up hosting it online because I couldnt be bothered any more.

  welshwizard712 17:01 21 May 2005

right first thing

HTTP is port 80

Are you using Apache Web Server? Coz if you are not i reccomend you do.

click here

and google "installing apache"

you'll get tons of results.

Why doesnt anybody google things these days theres a tutorial for evrythin lol.


  Forum Editor 20:11 21 May 2005

a word of caution. If you are planning to run a web-server on an ordinary ISP account, think again - your ISP will react very badly once they detect any real bandwidth consumption, and in any case you'll almost certainly find that your agreement with them precludes running a web-server.

  welshwizard712 15:40 22 May 2005

Yeh the ISP's are only bothered if your gettin thousdands of hits a day and then it wudnt show that much up.

ISP's forbid such things as IRC servers and that coz its a constant consumption of ISP resources.

If its a site for upto thousand hits a day and your bandwidth is unlimited and not capped, i wudnt worry.

  Nelmon2k 15:54 22 May 2005

I'll read my TOS with my ISP again. I'm running xampp from click here. The server works fine but my problem was getting it to go past both my router and getting it past my modem. My theory with the port 81 was if I got people to enter my IP address into the address bar then :81 They would be able to get past my router and modem to my computer. Even if I did my bandwidth is unlimited as you say and there will be no where near 1000 hits a day on it. I might just end up buying some space on the web anywhere. Does anyone know where I might find very cheap webhosting? Preferably somewhere that gives me a level of customisation in what I buy. For instance I could select how much webspace I would like. This would be useful due to the specific needs of the site.

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