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Those who have already been involved in helping me out with my site (click here) will know that the server provided by Angeltowns is ok before 2pm in the UK but is far too slow once the US tend to go online more heavily (in fact a friend of mine in Oklahoma who is on a 2MB connection had to wait for quite some time for my 60kb homepage to load up!).

This has led to the obvious solution - forget the freebies and go for a proper paid host. My requirements are below but I've seen this which seems like a pretty good deal to me? click here I'm pretty new to it all though so forgive me if I'm presuming wrongly but has anyone had experience with this hosting service before? Will it do me?

My site will specifically be used to download small files ranging from 10kb to 4MB on a pretty regular basis (the more people it interests who know about it the more it will be used and the number of users could well be pretty high in the months to come).


* About 50MB of web space.

* A domain name would be nice!

* Enough bandwidth to cover the peak periods of downloads.

* A relatively fast download trime for my pages which are around 60kb with images.


Many people here reccomend oneandone and the FE's favorite (the name escapes me - about 5 letters, strange word???) but for my simple price range (as low as possible) oneandone appear to only house 8 pages(?) which I have more than, and I found the other site more confusing as I couldn't seem to see what it offered. It also seems more expensive?

Please help me decifer what this all means!!!

What do I need???


  [DELETED] 22:54 11 Nov 2003

allows you unlimited pages (within the allotted bandwidth), I have over 150 on my site.

The 8 pages you refer to is if you use the online web designer.

  [DELETED] 23:56 11 Nov 2003

I thought it sounded strange only allowing 8 pages!

I use dreamweaver so figure I wouldn't use the "online web designer".

So would you say this is a better option for me than the offer I saw?


  [DELETED] 23:59 11 Nov 2003

How much bandwidth so I get with a oneandone account?

I'm confused!


  [DELETED] 01:30 12 Nov 2003

Web hosting is a buyers market, these days anyone can get cheap reseller accounts and set them selves up as a hosting company, resulting in a whole range of cheap but poor standard services.
It is best to go with a well established and recommended company.

There are many decent hosting companies out there, most should be offering you around about £20-35 per year to host your website. with this you will get a small but more than adequate amount of "web space" such as 50mb email accounts, cgi-bin directory and whole load of other things like ability to run php scripts, FrontPage extensions, web stats and so on.

one company i am rather impressed with, are these people click here you get hell of alot of facilities, including Cpanel for you to organize anything and everything you need to do, including automated script installing
for guest books and forums and much more. Another cool thing you get with them that some good sites don’t offer, and that is a directory level ABOVE the web space directory normally a folder called PUBLIC_HTML (everything placed in this folder will be accessible as a web page/request, you can store private files in the root directory, but they will not be accessible to anyone entering an address.

Above all and what is mostly neglected these days is customer support. they have a wonderful quick response in dealing with requests and problems

They charge a reasonable price for domain names, about £10 a year for a .com and £15 for 2 year .co.uk

Like anything though, shop around and pick somene who gives you what you want at price you want, but remember there are many amatures and cowboys who are out there doing the same thing, but most wont be around in a year or two.

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you get 500mb webspace, and 3,000mb monthly bandwidth.

  [DELETED] 08:32 12 Nov 2003

I've decided to go for the Starter pack with oneandone as they obviously have a great reputation to back them up.

Will post when up and running, or before if I need help!


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