Host frequency setting on cpu

  kev57 09:57 27 Sep 2005

when i start up my computer i get a message in bios saying the "host frequency setting isnt working on the cpu" does this mean i need a new cpu or could it be cmos battery fault etc. I've tried resetting the frequency but on saving and exiting it keeps reverting back to a slower setting. my cpu is Athlon XP2600 but shows as XP2000. Any advise please

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:18 27 Sep 2005

What make and model of mother board?

You may need to change the mulitplyer.

click here

  kev57 11:28 27 Sep 2005

motherboard is ASRock K7S8XE+

  MAJ 11:41 27 Sep 2005

What speed is your particular XP 2600 supposed to run at, kev57, 2133 MHz or 2083 MHz?

  kev57 11:55 27 Sep 2005

its a Barton core running at 1.91ghz the problem being i cant alter the multiplier from 10.5 to 11.5 as theres no facility on the motherboard bios

  kev57 11:57 27 Sep 2005

methinks it maybe time for either a new motherboard or new cpu

  dan11 14:19 27 Sep 2005

Are you sure the fsb jumpers on the motherboard are in the correct position, both should be on pins 1 +2, for a 333fsb.

"I've tried resetting the frequency but on saving "

You can alter the fsb in the bios, but if the jumpers are in the wrong position it will not save.

  dan11 14:29 27 Sep 2005


a 2600+ barton has a 11.5 multiplier, just like the 2200+ Thoroughbred. This difference, as you have pointed out is that the barton should run at 166mhz, while the Thoroughbred just runs at 133mhz. So you system is now running at 1.66Ghz instead of it's true speed of 1.91Ghz.

Motherboard jumper settings, if they help. click here

  kev57 16:08 27 Sep 2005

many thanks for all your help but i ended up putting a new m/board in and all is now working fine, once again many thanks

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