Host file question

  SB23 14:20 08 Apr 2007

I have received an email saying that there is an update to the hosts file available today.
I downloaded it and got the message that the name has been changed and the file has been updated. So far so good.
The question is, is it possible to find this file to see what has been added, is it merely added to what already exists, does it keep adding, (so there are duplicate entries) or put it another way, what exactly happens when you update? The reason that I ask is that a little program that monitors the hosts file for changes has just gone nuts with changes, which is fine because I know it works, but the list is very long, and I was just wondering how it works, and if the list gets longer and longer, whether the entry is already there or not.



  VoG II 14:23 08 Apr 2007

If you have XP it will be in c:\windows\system32\frivers\etc\hosts with no file extension. You should be able to open it in Notepad (right click > Open With).

  p;3 14:24 08 Apr 2007

bookmarking as a Hosts user; I have not yet had any notification from another site ON any update of this facility

click here is the latest one I know about; is there a later one?

  VoG II 14:24 08 Apr 2007


  SB23 14:36 08 Apr 2007

I've already looked in system32\drivers, but there is nothing in there relating to the hosts file.

  p;3 14:50 08 Apr 2007

is where according to the web page you should nagigate to ; you are looking for a text file ; at least on my win98se that is what I find( but not in the section of windows YOU have to look in)..a text file ; you may have to do a bit of nagigating to find it?

  p;3 14:56 08 Apr 2007

nagigating???...try navigating instead, that usually works better...apparently

  SB23 15:15 08 Apr 2007

Thanks people, I found it, (needed to look harder), lol. I opened it with notepad, and the new file is dated 04/08/07, even though the file date on the website is older.
All I wanted to do was find it, and see what was in it.
As for my little monitoring program, it would appear to have logged the additions to the file, which is fine.

  p;3 16:16 08 Apr 2007

08/04/07? this is today ?

unless of course 4/8/07 is for real?August?

  p;3 16:20 08 Apr 2007

actually you could BE right

click here?? date?

  SB23 20:09 20 Apr 2007

Sorry, didn't know that you had replied again.

I just assumed that its the USA way of writing the date. We do day/month in the UK, and they swap it around, month/day.
Either way, it was an updated version of what I had.

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