Horrible windows 98 Task Bar...

  Spex 19:29 18 Mar 2006

i used to have a blue TAsk bar with a green start button, but its suddenly turned grey like the old win 98 task bar, how do i change it back, everyhtings grey!!! HELP PLZ!

  bruno 19:37 18 Mar 2006

Right click an empty part of your desk top and then Properties.In "Settings" see what your colour quality is set to.16 or 32 would be ok.If that is not the answer check your "appearances" and set it up where you want.If you have XP you can do System Restore to a date when it was OK.

  Big Elf 19:40 18 Mar 2006

I assume you're using XP? If that's the case then right click on the desktop and choose 'Properties' then click on the 'Appearance' tab. In the 'Windows and buttons' box choose 'Windows XP style'.

  Spex 19:40 18 Mar 2006

nope none of that worked, and ive had bad experiences with system restore, so im not going to do that, there must be an easier way.

i thought there'd be a simple answer to this one?

  Spex 19:41 18 Mar 2006

windows xp style is not there, only windows classic??

  Spex 19:46 18 Mar 2006

and i was just considering system restore but i cant find it, even still there should be an easier way, do you think the theme was accidently removed?

if thats the case can i download it again?

  Big Elf 19:48 18 Mar 2006

The theme is part of the normal XP installation. Have you installed any software or updated drivers recently (graphics drivers)?

  Spex 19:50 18 Mar 2006

i dont think so???

  bruno 19:53 18 Mar 2006

System restore...Start/All Programmes/Accessories/System tools/bottom entry.There should be nothing to fear from using this method.

  Spex 19:54 18 Mar 2006

ok il give it a go

  Spex 19:57 18 Mar 2006

well theres no restore points apart from 1 minute ago?

or am do i click something, i clicked 17th and below and nothings happening, only 18th of march is highlighted. with a restore point of 1 min ago?

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