Horizontal lines on monitor

  wesparmalee 18:25 17 Mar 2006

Just recently i've discovered a band of thin horizontal lines on my monitor during startup.These lines are very thin, and start at the very top of the screen, and extend down about six inches.This problem only seems to last until the desktop appears, and then they slowly fade away.Could this be a sign of something about to fail in the pc hardware, or is there a fix for this.Please advise, thanks.

  bythor 18:32 17 Mar 2006

What you describe sounds like 'flyback', so I guess it's a crt monitor you're using. If you have never noticed it before, then you could be correct in thinking it's a sign of something about to change. It may well be that it's always been at this level and you're only just noticing (it would be more apparent with a 'black' picture). Screen voltage is something that can only really be adjusted by a competent technician - you could either get a tv repair man to check it out for you, or wait till it gets worse then deal with it if you are prepared to carry on until then.

  woodchip 19:04 17 Mar 2006

If you do not use a Crt then it's the Graphics card Warming up. But does sound like Monitor

  fullyfitted 19:42 17 Mar 2006


I had the same problem with a CTR, Evesham Technical support suggested that the speakers may be too close and recommended that they should be half a metre away from the monitor,

It solved my problem and its worth a try.


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