Horizontal lines on a HP Photosmart 5510e All-in-one Printer

  Cheney1943 18:45 17 Apr 2013

The printer is 13 months old, it now always prints photos with horizontal lines approx 1.3cm apart, I always use HP premium photo paper. This will not happen when I use ordinary white paper. I have run a diagnostic report and this is ok

  martd7 19:26 17 Apr 2013

sounds like some of the jets in the ink cartridge are blocked though why it prints ok on paper and not photo paper is odd run the cleaning cycle if u have not already done so

  alanrwood 19:28 17 Apr 2013

Do a heavy clean of the jets, several times if required. The resolution is probably much higher when using photo paper and a missing jet shows up. 1.3 cms is about the distance between horizontal lines.

  woodchip 21:09 17 Apr 2013

Try using Epson Gloss Hp paper is rubbish cheap paper is better than HP

  AroundAgain 22:45 17 Apr 2013


I had a lot of issues re lines and 'faded' printing, plus ghost printing and it was eventually discovered that it was because I was using a slightly heavier weight of paper, for a special event. Once that was adjusted, in Properties, all was well again

Don't know if this will help, but I felt inclined to mention it - as a 'free' option to try/check out.

Good luck

  martd7 15:09 18 Apr 2013

cheney 1943 if mine or alanrwoods suggestions dont work you will need to buy a new cartridge i buy good hp compatibles from here,free delivery and if they do not work they send you a replacement http://www.refreshcartridges.co.uk/

The problem has nothing to do with the substrate you are printing on i would guess as alanrwood has said your using a higher resolution on the photo paper than normal paper Draft mode on paper Photo\best on photos

  Cheney1943 20:54 25 Apr 2013

Thank u everyone for your help

I have tried deep cleaning the jets many times, did not improve the problem

I have tried the adjustments for different weight of papers again no improvement

I have not tried Epson photo paper, next step

If the above fails, I will purchase new cartridges from refreshcartlridges.co.uk

Once again thank you all for your help

  alanrwood 10:30 26 Apr 2013

I doubt that changing paper is going to cure this problem. This is 99.9% a blocked jet problem or a poor electrical connection between the printer and the ink cartridge. Remove the cartridge first and cleeamn the electrical contacts on it and the printer. Usually a clean rag is sufficient but occasionally a solvent might be required however this is unlikely as the printer is only 13 months old unless the room is subject to lots of tobacco smoke. The reason I say that it is a blocked jet is that the print head is approximately 1.3 cms long and thus a blocked jet would result in horizonntal lines at distance of 1.3 cms. My bet is that a new cartridge will not sort out the problem. You will need to replace both as in photo quality some printers print "Process Black", which is a mixture of the colours and not use the True Black. Thus it could be a blocked jet on a colour. You don't say if the horizontal lines are actually printed in some other colour or just not printed at all. Forget about buying a new print head they are far too expensive in comparison to a new printer. It may be that in order to clear the jet you may have to buy a purpose made jet cleaning kit which uses a special cleaning fluid which can disolve hardened ink. The normal method is to soak a small piece of cloth in a solvent and lift the print head as far from the paper as possible by setting it for maximum paper thickness. Then place the cloth under vthe print head and lower the hewad down on to it leaving it in contact for 24 hours or so. It may be necessary to repeat this. Then the kit usually has an infection tube to swill out the ink path and clear the jet itself. I have done this successfully in the past with my A3 printer as this was worth the effort because A3 cprinters are more expensive.

  alanrwood 10:30 26 Apr 2013

Sorry "injection" not "infection"

  martd7 14:12 26 Apr 2013


as ive also said i really dont think the papers at fault its a blocked cartridge This is a four colour printer cymk 4 individual cartridges thats why i linked cheney to the remanufactured cartridge site as each original colour is £10 per colour

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