Hooray - Broadband is coming!

  Cloggsy 16:24 11 Sep 2003

I have just had a phonecall from BT today informing me that our local exchange is being updated in November.

Can anyone tell me who is the best 'Broadband' provider (value for money & speed of access etc) please? BT are trying to flog me their 512K service for £50 (inc. VAT) for the USB router & £28 per month access (first month free)! I'm looking for a faster service with good reliability. Also, what gives better 'ping' rates, an external USB router or an internal PCI router?

Please help!!!! Before it's too late ;o)

  Giantsquid 16:51 11 Sep 2003

NTL....good luck !

  Djohn 17:19 11 Sep 2003

External, I think! Have a look at this site and do the compare test left of page. ZEN comes out very well in all aspects. I believe their install time is 5 days from order to installation j. click here and for ZEN home page, click here

  HighTower 19:00 11 Sep 2003

I went for Nildram and they have been consistently outstanding in every respect.

  anchor 19:19 11 Sep 2003

I suggest Pipex. Been with them now for 18 months, and well satisfied.

click here

Cheaper than BT too!.

  Cloggsy 19:47 11 Sep 2003

I was looking at PIPEX - they have just brought out a 1Mb connection for £24 ish per month.... seems really good!!??

Plus the connection kit is really cheap too (in comparison to others!)

However, a mate of mine is on NILDRAM & he's really happy with that!

What to do... What to do?

  powerless 19:49 11 Sep 2003


  powerless 19:49 11 Sep 2003


  R4 20:03 11 Sep 2003

Pipex is quite good and they connect you for about £18.00 with free modem and splitters (2).
I have had no problem with this service.

  anchor 09:30 12 Sep 2003

Their £23.50/month is for the 512Mb service. The 1Mb service is about £29/month.

For £17.57 (including: VAT), you get everything you need; modem, 2 filters and line activation. I think that`s a bargain. As I said earlier, I am perfectly happy with Pipex.

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