Hooking up another PC in the same home

  Tys_mom 21:26 26 Sep 2006

I am interested in hooking up a starter PC in my sons room ..using the same internet..I am leaning towards getting a wireless router...what I would like to know is are they costly..what sort do I need?? And is this something that I can set up myself quite easily (I am a rookie but really trying to learn). Any suggestions on makes and models that would be suitable will be much appreciated (keep in mind I am in Ontario Canada) Thbaks to all...Tys Mom

  Pamy 22:31 26 Sep 2006

try this link or google search wireless router.

click here

  rdave13 22:43 26 Sep 2006

Also suggest you post you question in "Networking" forum. May get more results there.
Good luck.

  Strawballs 00:34 27 Sep 2006

Do you get your internet from a cable connection or through a phoneline?

Through cable you will need a router click here

Through a phoneline you will need a modem/router
click here

These are just examples of what you need.

  marbleblue 22:43 01 Oct 2006

Hi, I recently got a computer for my room and wanted the internet so decided to get a router. It was our first time setting one up and neither me nor my mum could get it working properly, and we eventually had to ask our neighbour to come and help, beacuse as luck would have it they haad the same model as us. I've been around computers a few years, but I've had no past experience with wireless setups, and believe me when I say they're a tricky bugger to set up if you dont know what you're doing. Also, ours cost £80, which I guess would be about $150 to $200 (but don't quote me on that ;)) Hope I've been of some help!

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