Honest John's inaccessibility

  nickhick 18:14 29 Aug 2007

In recent years and until last Wednesday, I visit click here regularly for all matters motoring. However since last week I can only access that website with extreme difficulty and perseverence, as in so doing a window in IE6 comes up with the message "Internet explorer has encountered a problem and must close.........." or words to that effect.
I use Windows XP and have not upgraded to SP2 but have all of SP1's upgrades. I don't see why I can't, easily access that website any more when I CAN access many dozens of other websites which I do on a daily basis.
Nothing has changed in my privacy or security setting, I should hasten to add. Other people have told me that they haven't had any trouble in accessing it. I've also been told to try another browser such as Firefox but feel loathe to do so just so that I can access honestjohn!

  Stuartli 18:36 29 Aug 2007

One or two other members of this particular forum have been experiencing similar difficulties - part of the reason is most likely due to a number of changes to the website since the beginning of this month.

  Stuartli 18:37 29 Aug 2007
  nickhick 18:55 29 Aug 2007

Thanks very much for your suggestions. Funnily enough but tonight I got on straight away! I know that there have been many changes to the website (Stuarli) but people have said that I must be in denial and that my IE6 must be at fault.
The fix/es mentioned above seem to me to be for those with SP2 aleady installed?

  Stuartli 23:40 29 Aug 2007

I fail to understand why you have not installed SP2 (which also incorporates SP1).

If you install SP2 (and you should IMO), you can fully update it using AutoPatcher. See:

click here

This is updated every month for this purpose (WindowsUpdate normally does security updates etc).

  johnnyrocker 23:53 29 Aug 2007

ie 6 xp pro sp2 and no probs with the site, you just might have a virus, have you run full updated scans?


  Stuartli 00:06 30 Aug 2007

Most people don't have any problems with the site despite the current changes - however, as I stated earlier, some forum members have found themselves in the same situation as nickhick.

  johnnyrocker 00:12 30 Aug 2007

i was being led by the "windows needs to close" message posted which from memory stemmed from a fairly virulent virus some time back.


  Stuartli 09:23 30 Aug 2007

Just been trying to get onto the HJ website without success, the first time I have been unable to do so in several years.

As I was using it until late last night, I can only assume that further changes are being implemented at what would normally be a quiet time for website traffic.

Firefox brings up the message: Unable to select database phpsessions.

  johnnyrocker 09:52 30 Aug 2007

no probs here ie6 xp pro sp2


  Stuartli 10:48 30 Aug 2007

Back on now after getting back from Tesco - with XP Pro and SP2 (plus all updates)

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