Homeplugs, will they work ?

  Shutt1e 21:53 04 Oct 2009

Basically, i have a Summer house at the end of my garden. Its electrics is connected to our house, we cant pick up a wireless connection down there because its about 60 ft away, can anyone see why Homeplugs wouldnt work and if not advise me what i could do in this situation.

Thanks Alot

  SimpleSimon1 22:23 04 Oct 2009

Assuming it's wired through your house mains supply and doesn't have an independent consumer unit (which is the normal config for a domestic house), everything should be hunky-dory.

I use Homeplugs to connect the machines in my garden office to the router and NAS in the house. Works fine. Also means that I don't need hyper-security for the garden office since even if someone nicks the PCs, all the data is secure on the NAS in the house (which is MUCH more difficult to get into)

  Shutt1e 23:17 04 Oct 2009

Thanks alot for the reply, all should be good then, hopefully i wont find out that my garden room is on a seperate electrics circuit !

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