Homeplug without Ethernet connection?

  dragonfly1706 23:34 09 Feb 2009

We currently just use a PC for internet access, but I've now bought a laptop and want access on that at the same time. I was looking at wireless routers, but a couple of people mentioned homeplugs as a better option. However, I don't think the PC has an ethernet connection. Is there a way around this?

  Tim1964 00:18 10 Feb 2009

Yes, fitting an ethernet card is very easy and cheap. Cards can be had for about £5 and it takes longer to get the PC case off than to fit the card. I would say it is probably the least 'scary' job on a PC.

How old is your PC ? As my old (1998) unit had an ethernet port in it.

You will still need a router if you intend to have net access with the main PC off. You may also find that using an ethernet cable with the laptop becomes a pain especially when you forget and walk out the room with it.

I use 2 homeplug devices to connect the boy's PS2 upstairs to the router downstairs but at least Nintendo have sorted that issue out on the Wii being wireless.

Unless your house has very thick walls or is very large you should have no problem with wireless, but homeplugs are literally Plug N Play and so very easy to get going.

  dragonfly1706 00:27 10 Feb 2009

Thanks for the quick response!

I now think maybe I do have an ethernet connection on the PC... it looks like one, but it's hard to see without doing some furniture removal!

So a homeplug device with a laptop wouldn't work unless the main PC was switched on?

My house isn't huge, but is long and thin... I think at least 30m from front to back.

  Tim1964 16:34 10 Feb 2009

If you didn't use a router then the main PC will need to stay on for the lappy to access the net using "Internet Sharing".

click here

A router really is the way to go as it offers much more flexibility and futureproofing.

Don't forget it's not only net access when 2 PCs are networked. You can share/move files, use one for backups from the other and access multimedia to/from either at the same time (music/films/photos etc)

How does your modem connect to the PC at the moment? Is it by USB or by ethernet? If it's the latter then you obviously have an ethernet port but to ICS you'll need another port in the PC anyway.

Are you on Broadband or dial up because sharing the net with 2 PCs on dialup would be a painful experience.

  dragonfly1706 19:54 10 Feb 2009

Thanks very much for that.

I think I'll go with a router then - it sounds as though it makes more sense. It's just a question of what sort of router to get!

I'm currently on broadband using a USB connection. I have what looks like an ethernet port, but I can't see anything listed under Device Manager unless I'm looking in the wrong place!

  Tim1964 23:27 10 Feb 2009


Whose is your ISP?

It may be worth getting the router that they support just in case of any problems. That way their support pages will list all the settings you might need in setting it up.

If it's Virgin (Telewest/NTL) then you need a wireless router as opposed to a modem/router as with cable the modem is seperate.

  dragonfly1706 13:33 11 Feb 2009

I'm with Plusnet.

The router they supply is the top one on this page: click here

Looking at details of this router elsewhere, I'm concerned that it's not going to be enough for what I need, given that my PC is almost at the front of a house that's nearly 30m long...

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