Homeplug problem

  garry.lodge 16:45 06 Feb 2014

I have had homeplugs set up around my house for a while now, one on the router (middle floor of the house), one on the ground floor and one on the bottom floor. All worked fine for a long time but now for some bizarre reason the middle floor seems to be an issue. If I run a cable from the router and plug it into the ground floor homeplug I can access the internet from the homeplug on the top floor and vice verse. The issue is if I plug the router homeplug in on the middle floor neither to top or bottom floor can access the Internet any more!!

Nothing I can think of has changed (I did get a new Virgin router recently but it definitely worked with the new one). I've unplugged everything else on the middle floor in case it was some sort of interference but it just won't work.

Any homeplug legends out there got any ideas?

Thanks Garry

  spuds 17:23 06 Feb 2014

Have you tried swapping the homeplugs around,to see if one of the units is faulty.

Have you done any recent rewiring work, and that the socket is correctly wired and working. (I know of a case where a two core bedside light worked for years, then when the same socket was used for a three core wired product, it was found the socket had been wired up wrong)

  garry.lodge 19:20 06 Feb 2014

Hi Spuds, thanks for the reply.

Yes, I've tried swapping them around but still only works when the middle floor isn't involved.

I don't know too much about electrical wiring but I have tried in other sockets on the middle floor (landing and bedroom) and I have the same problem. If one of the sockets was wired incorrectly could this affect the others?

Thanks Garry

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:31 06 Feb 2014

Are you remembering to "pair" the home plugs after unplugging and replugging in?

  onthelimit1 19:53 06 Feb 2014

FB. In my experience, once the plugs have been paired the first time (not all makes have this pairing facility), they can be moved around at will, and will still connect.

  garry.lodge 21:00 06 Feb 2014

Yes, they seem to be paired correctly as they work when I put them on the bottom and top floors. I have downloaded the app for them which allows you to 'reset' them and re-paired them but still no luck.

Any other ideas?

Thanks Garry

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