Homeplug help?

  algernonymous 12:56 18 Sep 2006

I'm trying out these homeplug adaptors, and I've connected one to an upstairs PC. However the other one I've plugged into the telewest broaband box- the socket marked 'ethernet'- but it hasn't been recognised by this (the 'downstairs') PC. The cable box has 4 sockets on the back- mains, cable connection, ethernet, and usb-to which the PC is currently connected. Is this setup correct?

  dms05 13:55 18 Sep 2006

If you want to connect 2 PC's to the Internet via Homeplug you essentially need 3 Homeplugs. One is plugged into the mains socket and connects via LAN (Ethernet) cable to the Router and becomes the source for the PC's. Each PC then needs a Homeplug connected to the mains and also the PC by a LAN cable. I'm confused by what you are trying to achieve at the moment. Normally you connect the PC next to the Router directly to the Router without using a Homeplug, the Homeplug next to the Router acts as the Broadcaster for any other Homeplugs on the same circuit, these are essentially Receivers.

  algernonymous 14:13 18 Sep 2006

That's what I'm trying to achieve- the PC next to the router is connected by usb to the router, I've plugged the 1st Homeplug into the ethernet socket on it and the 2nd Homeplug is upstairs connected to 2nd PC.

  algernonymous 20:38 18 Sep 2006


  Atc123 06:52 25 Sep 2006

You normally cannot connect the modem by both USB and Ethernet at the same time. Its one or the other. You could either connect you USB to your main computer. Run the LAN cable from that computer to your 1st Homeplug. You could then connect the other computer to the second computer upstairs. The only problem is that the downstairs computer needs to be on and connected to the internet for the upstairs pc to recieve internet.

  algernonymous 12:33 25 Sep 2006

Thanks for that. So, is there any way to access the internet with the second computer independently of the first?

  Atc123 18:21 25 Sep 2006

To connect the second computer independently you would have to purchase a router. You should contact your ISP for recommended ones. You would then connect the modem to that. You would then connect the main pc with ethernet from the back of the router. And connect a second ethernet to the homplug adapter.

  algernonymous 18:42 25 Sep 2006

Right, thanks. More expense... I've seen them for under £20 but I bet they won't recommend those!

  algernonymous 19:07 13 Oct 2006

All done. Bought a Sitecom cable router from Maplin for £30, wired it all up, loaded the router driver, and that was it! No other software fiddling required. These homeplugs are brilliant!
Thanks everyone.

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