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  morganmight 11:41 04 Jul 2003

My internet provider is NTLworld and i usually use their home page,i know you can change the home page by going in to 'tools' 'internet options',this i have done but for some reason it keeps defaulting to a web home page of 'i-lookitup.com'and i can'nt get rid of it.
Any ideas,

  jojo_1 11:44 04 Jul 2003

If you use gearbox instead of internet explorer to connect to the web then ntl homepage will always be default, in internet options go to connections and click 'always dial my my default' then click on the internet explorer icon to connect, (assuming you have dialup)

  VoG II 13:52 04 Jul 2003
  xxxx1968 15:18 04 Jul 2003

i had sim probs whilsts surfin my screen came under attack by pop ups it seems they rewrite ur h/page even when u change it run ad aware or sim this will rid of the bugs + then do the usuall to change ur home page...

  morganmight 08:18 07 Jul 2003

Hi xxxx1968,thanks for your reply,what do you mean by running ad aware and how do you use it...

  VoG II 08:22 07 Jul 2003

Ad-aware click here

  muppetmark 08:26 07 Jul 2003

Also have a look at this article on homepage hijackers and solutions click here

  -pops- 09:07 07 Jul 2003

I use this click here

  morganmight 13:18 17 Jul 2003

Thanks to everyone for your help.I ended up using 'Spybot-S&D'and it rid me of the problem.
I must say though i'm convinced there is a rat race going on with people who write these virus's and other people then write anti virus softwares to comat them,are they all in it together for the money?
However, i would like to thank the person who wrote 'Spybot-S&D'becuase it worked so well for me.
Once again thanks,


  velodrome 13:29 17 Jul 2003

now that you have cleared up the problem, make sure it doesn't happen again. i'm with -pops-

  Mastermind 13:43 17 Jul 2003

I use Gearbox through ntlWorld and I have set my homepage to Google without a problem.

I can't rememeber how I did it, but I'll check in case anyone may find it useful. I think it was an option in Gearbox.

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