Homepage is not latest Index.html file

  gmh 16:51 30 Dec 2004

I have a web site which I use to show photos etc to family and friends. Recently NTL cut out (I am on Broadband) while I was uploading a revised Index page. Now when I open the site it shows the old Index page as the homepage, but if I use a drop-down list to navigate to another page, and then use it again to return to the "homepage" I get sent to the new Index page (called Index.html)
How can I get rid of the old one?
The website is at click here

  Forum Editor 18:39 30 Dec 2004

I confess that I couldn't take that mouse trail for more than a few seconds, but I think you need to upload again. You can only have one index.html file, although browsers will look for index.htm as well.

  gmh 20:00 30 Dec 2004

forum Editor
I have tried repeatedly to upload the Index.html file - it changes, but the "homepage" remains the old page.
I will remove the picture trail - it was just a bit of fun!

  monkon2 01:10 31 Dec 2004

is the file actually spelt using an upper case 'I' as you have typed here or is it lowercase? if its upper, you will have 2 different index files, and the site will automatically go to the lowercase file for your homepage, you will need to resave the new file as index.html instead of Index.html

im probably wrong but u never know

  Forum Editor 01:19 31 Dec 2004

when you go to the homepage from another page is in fact /Index.html (Upper case). There isn't a file called /index.html in your site.

How are you transferring the files to the server - what software are you using?

  gmh 09:55 31 Dec 2004

I use 1st Page to create the web site, and Terrapin to upload it.
I have changed the name of the file to index.html, but the old one is still there as the original homepage.
According to Terrapin, there is not another index file.
thanks for the responses.

  Forum Editor 12:11 31 Dec 2004

that there's no difference - the pages are identical. Using Terrpain you'll be able to see the files anyway - and delete any that you don't need.

  gmh 16:48 31 Dec 2004

forum Editor - I have tried using Terrapin to find the homepage that loads when the website is first opened - the one with the trailing cursor - but it is not listed, so I can't delete it.
The index.html (now renamed) file which loads when I go to the homepage from another page is the one with the trailing cursor removed (and other differences). I am at a loss as to how to get rid of the initial homepage!

Thanks for your help so far.

Happy New Year when it comes.

  Forum Editor 17:20 31 Dec 2004

simply delete the whole site - using Terrapin - and then start all over again?

  Forum Editor 17:22 31 Dec 2004

There's no mouse trail on the homepage that I'm loading straight from your link; you have cleared your browser cache haven't you?

  gmh 18:13 31 Dec 2004

Thanks, forum Editor.
I had run Crap Cleaner, so thought I had cleared the browser cache.
I deleted all the .html files using Terrapin, saved and came out of Terrapin, then went in again and uploaded the .html files again - now the homepage is the latest one.

thanks again

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