Homemade PC Crash! Help please!!

  alwaztypin 22:50 12 Dec 2006

Hi all!

I work from home (medical transcriptionist) and am in full panic now as my homemade PC (XP Pro) has crashed and I can't get it to reboot. I keep getting the black screen and have looked at the BIOS, but to be honest, don't really know what to look for! I have no repair or bootup disk and am hoping for any advice you can offer. Please let me know what other info I can give.



  woodchip 22:53 12 Dec 2006

If you do not get any beeps, and had them before. also Do not get anythingat all on screen. First thing is PSU power Supply check as it may not have been up to the task of your build. You can only test by installing a New one, To be sure that it is that. Also it's the easy thing to test first

  alwaztypin 02:38 13 Dec 2006

and can hear the HD turning (or whatever it does), the Windows XP window appears, then it goes to black, and the HD just stops. I've tried rebooting several times and get the same thing. Sorry for being so stupid, but what's the PSU power supply? My ex built this and I know some, but not enuf...any other ideas? Is the motherboard dead?

:( t

  alwaztypin 02:47 13 Dec 2006

I know it's not that - I definitely have power. It "tries" to start up, but then goes to black screen and nothing else happens. Gonna go cry in the corner...

:) t

  brundle 02:54 13 Dec 2006

You mean the PC switches itself off ? Do you see the XP logo while booting? Do you have the XP CD you used to install XP in the first place?
Try safe mode or `last known good configuration`; keep pressing f8 repeatedly when you start the pc, after all the memory test but before you would normally see the XP logo. Try `last known good` first, then `safe mode` if that doesnt work. if you get the system working in `last known good` do a thorough disk check and update & scan with your antivirus software. click here

  brundle 02:59 13 Dec 2006

If it works in Safe mode, do a disk check then try system restore; click here

  woodchip 12:48 13 Dec 2006

To get to safe mode keep taping F8 as your computer starts. Then if you get into Safe Mode, Go to Start\Programs\Accessories\System Tools\System Restore the choose a Old date to restore Dates in BOLD

  alwaztypin 16:02 13 Dec 2006

or "last good config"...I power up, F8, get to the window where it asks me what I want...safe mode, last good config, etc...and if I choose "safe mode" it comes up with a lot of jargon and then goes to black. If I pick "last good config", it goes to the welcome Windows screen, tries to boot, and then back to the black screen. (I've done this several times). I've even opened it the case, blown everything out, and nothing. When you can't even get past the black screen, what are the options? I live in a very small town w/no IT people.

Thanks for anything else you can think of!! I truly appreciate it. Thinking about digging ditches for a living instead of THIS!!

:) tricia

  Technotiger 16:09 13 Dec 2006

Hi, please count the beeps and tell us how many you hear - the beeps are a code, from which we can usually find what the problem is.

  Technotiger 16:18 13 Dec 2006

PS - you say you have beeps - how many? A properly working pc should have just a single beep during startup.

  alwaztypin 16:42 13 Dec 2006

I do only have ONE beep on my busted computer, as well as this one (my daughter's). This is probably a stupid question, but can I make a boot disk from her computer (XP Pro) and use it to try to bootup mine (XP Home). Yes, I'm KICKING myself for not making a boot disk BEFORE now. I found the "how to make a boot disk" Windows website and thought I might try this. Could booting up with a floppy potentially hurt my HD? Now to find the elusive floppy...

Thanks again - you guys are great!!
:) t

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