Homegroup/network problems using Windows 7

  heidelberg 11:18 06 Nov 2011

Hi everyone

We have a problem that has developed in recent weeks concerning the Homegroup/Network - I realise that a Homegroup and a network are not the same thing!

We have a Dell Desktop PC (Inspiron 537), a Dell laptop (Inspiron 1525), and my wife has a Dell Netbook (Inspiron 1012). The Desktop does not have a wireless adapter, but the other two do. The Desktop is hardwired to a BT Homehub 2, and the two portable machines connect wirelessly. So far no problems. We keep all files, photos, videos and music on the desktop, and they are backed up regularly. The portable machines have accessed these files with no problems at all, until the last few weeks when it has become more difficult to do so. Now the "Homegroup/Network" is frequently not visible to the portables, but then the next time either is switched on it is! Inconsistent is the word that springs to mind! The Internet conection has not been a problem on any of the machines.

Also connected to the Desktop is an Epson R300 printer, again hard wired. The two portables access this with no problems.

Last week I bought an HP Officejet 4500 all-in-one Wireless Printer, and again hardwired it to the Desktop initially, intending to buy a wireless network adapter in the not too distant future. The desktop can use the new printer, but the other two portable machines cannot even see it. I have tried a variety of different ways to do this, but with no luck. Additionally seeking advice from two local computer shops gave conflicting information. One said there was no need to get a wireless adapter for the desktop, the other said it was a very good idea!!


I think what I would like to do is remove evidence of the Homegroup/Network from all three machines, and then start again.

Is this a good idea, or can anybody suggest any other solutions?

As usual any advice would be gratefully received.

Kind regards


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