Homegroup / Network - Help please.

  Furkin 10:17 29 Jan 2013

Hi again – hope I’m not getting on your nerves !

I’m having a problem linking my Laptop to the Desktop – “homegroup” I guess.

I run W7 (32) on both machines, & BT HomeHubx3 + a new Infinity Modem.

My ‘all wired’ desktop is Ethernet connected.

I can wirelessly ‘log on’ to the internet with the lappy – via the HH3 set-up.

I know it looks so simple when I look at the online instructions,,,,, but then again,,,, it’s me !

On the DT I get a Homegroup ‘code/password’ that I am supposed to input to the Lappy.
On the LT I get a different ‘code/password’ that I am supposed to input to the DT.

Because I have a ‘code/pass’ on the LT, I must have tried this in the past.

This is a home computer and I am only interested in making a 'homegroup' for my own LT & DT. I'm disabled & it would be a boon to be able to latch on to things whilst bed/chair bound.

I’d appreciate it if someone has the time to feed me through the ‘connection’ procedure please.

Thanks for reading.

  Chronos the 2nd 10:37 29 Jan 2013

Try this.

Double click the Network icon. Then the Network and Sharing Centre then you want to go to Homegroup which you will see at the bottom left hand side of the page on that page you will see View or print the Homegroup password. Clicking on that will show you the password you need on all the PC on the network.

  Furkin 11:00 29 Jan 2013

Cheers C2,

I now have the same pass on the LP as the DT. The LT is logged on, but I can't access stuff on the DT,,,, nor the 1 printer that shows up.

Printers on the DT are: Brother All-in-One, Konica Laser & Brother QL560. Do I need to physically install them on the LT or should it just latch on to the DT settings etc ?

I have MS-Office on both, but can't access anything on the DT from the LT.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:05 29 Jan 2013
  Chronos the 2nd 12:04 29 Jan 2013

OK you are almost there.

Go back to the Network and Sharing Centre click on Homegroup then Change advanced sharing settings and adjust any settings there,most of them are self explanatory.

Next go back to Network and Sharing Centre and click on Homegroup make sure you have checks in the boxes you want to share.

I tend to restart the PC after this. You will need to do these checks on both PC's and I have found that the printers are automatically added across the network.

  Furkin 14:05 29 Jan 2013

Thanks for your time guys, I have spent the last 3/4 days going through all this. I had already done 99.9% of what you say so far - as well as in the links provided. Everything is ticked to Share. I thought I'd done the basic stuff.

Somewhere in the Homegroups, they both say JOINED. I think (I must stop doing that !) that they may be joined to different 'groups'.

It looks like I've tried this before, and made 2 or 3 Groups & names. I think I need to delete everything, & start again, so at least they are both looking at the same group. Although, I'm not sure what to delete (that I added) and what needs to stay on the system/s (part of the Sysytem)though.

What’s the difference between a Homegroup & Network Sharing ?

ah,,,,,,might have spotted something,,,,,,,,,,,,,,



Network 3 - Home Network.

Access Type = Internet.

Homegroup = Joined.

Connections = Local Area Network.




BTHH3?? - Private Network.

Access Type = Internet.

Homegroup = Joined.

Connections = Wireless Network Connection.

Does this help ?

If I start again, & call the group/s FRED, (instead of either BTHH3?? or Network 3) - which connection should I use - WTC or LAN ?

  Chronos the 2nd 16:22 29 Jan 2013

To be honest I would leave the groups you seem to have created and create a new group which will give you a new password which you will need to use on one of the PC's.

As your PC's are wired then you are looking at the Lan network set up. But your laptop seemingly is connected wirelessly according to your last post. So if I were you get it working by wired connection first and worry about the wireless side of things later.

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