Homegroup icon - how to remove?

  Yimbo 12:12 19 Feb 2019

A Homegroup shortcut icon has just appeared uninvited on my desktop - right in the centre!! I don't have any Home groups set up, nor do I need them. Right clicking on the icon gives some options, but delete isn't one of them. Dragging it to a less "in your face" position doesn't work either - it refuses to be moved. So, how can I delete this unwanted shortcut icon? I have Windows 8:1

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:25 19 Feb 2019

open the desktop folder - select the homegoup shortcut and click or press delete.

  Yimbo 13:01 19 Feb 2019

Thank you Fruit Bat - - it seems like you're always around to help me! Icon has now been deleted!

  wiganken2 13:14 19 Feb 2019

The only way I got it to stop appearing was to run Shawn Brink’s reg file: - (click here “64BitRemoveHomeGroupfromNavigationPane.reg.

Four out of six of the reg entries worked but Windows prevented “Attributes” value to be changed from b084010c to b094010c so I had to manually “take ownership” of the two registry keys which allowed me to change the “Attributes” Dword values from b084010c to b094010c.

Warning: Editing the registry can be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing so get expert help if in doubt. You can wreck your computer otherwise. Good luck.

This registry change stopped “Homegroup” appearing in LH pane of File Explorer and also stopped it appearing on the desktop. It has not reappeared in the last 18 months since I did the edit.

  wiganken2 13:15 19 Feb 2019

P.S. I think Fruit Bat's solution may only be temporary.

  wiganken2 16:43 19 Feb 2019

Seems like my link doesn't work so I'll try again. See click here

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