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  2020 10:46 13 Nov 2004

Good morning all- this may be a bit outside this forum but i know from postings that there is a lot of collective knowledge especially about legal implications and the like. so i would welcome your thoughts. i have been asked/told to take part in a working from home pilot for 6mths. i will have a laptop, they will install bt phone line and broadband which i have been told is only for work..[ifs its on all the time i'd be able to use it?]i have ntl broadband and really don't want another. is my tax, insurance etc going to be affected? is there anything eles i should check out? many thanks

  josie mayhem 11:29 13 Nov 2004

Concerning tax, I think in this area you will proberly find that you can claim extra tax allowance, because you are going to have to provide things like heating and electric to charge/run your laptop, but a phone call/visit to your local tax office or even check there website should give you the information.

I am suprised that for a six month trail they going to all the hassel and expence of putting extra lines, prehaps you could suggest, that if they would like to subitise your phone rental and boardband rental, and of course pay for any phone calls made concerning business, would be an easier and cheaper alternitive.

Also check with your employers weather they are going to help towards the cost of electric/gas that you will be using, after all you will be providing an mini office at your home on there behalve?

also check your deeds or tenacey agreement, there might be a clause that might prohibit any business use from the property without permission, ( I had this on one property I owned, I wasn't even allowed to park a company/trade car/van on my drive!)

And if any damaged/loss of company laptop who's pays????

I hope this helps a little, but at least it bumps it to the top.

  2020 12:07 13 Nov 2004

josie mayhem thanks. i'd rather have some payment and keep my own arrangments not not have people from IT dep trailing through my house. i never thought about the loss or damage issue so thats one to follow up.

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