Home work for N+ Certification

  helpmeagain 19:38 27 Jun 2005

is there anybody who can help with my homework, i am stuck on two question and no matter what i do i can't find the answer's??

RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks.)

Q. What RAID Level(s) require at least three fixed disks and distributes the parity bit across each drive? more than one answer applies.

A. Level 1, 2, 3, 5

i know it is not level 2 or 3

and the second question is

Q. You have been asked to make a fault tolenance recommendation for your organization. The server stores mission-critcal data, spanning four disks. Based on this information, what RAID level would you recommend?

A. Level 1, 3, 4, or 5

I know it is not level 3

any body got any idea's, will let you know if i pass and what grade i will get.

  briggzy 20:05 27 Jun 2005

Raid 5 for both questions, supports 3 or more disks and writes parity to each.

  helpmeagain 20:10 27 Jun 2005

for the first question i thought raid level 1 as well, but maybe i am wrong. what do you think

  briggzy 20:29 27 Jun 2005

it says more than one answer applies but there is only raid 5 which writes parity to all disks

  helpmeagain 20:36 27 Jun 2005

thank you briggzy, i will send it off and let you know what mark i get it will take about a week

  helpmeagain 20:01 08 Jul 2005

To those who helped me complete my assignment, thank you, here is my mark results
93% passs

once again thank you

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