Home wifi Network help required Please

  James Burnett 16:16 14 Aug 2018

I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction regarding improving my home wifi network

We live in a single story building and the wifi signal does not reach the foot print of the house. The area of the country has poor internet speed as it is and we have a BT home hub 4 as the main router. We do actually have 2 wired lines to other areas of the house and was thinking of adding a wifi access point there. Could someone possibly help with the following questions.

  • do i need to replace the main router with after market version? It's a BT home hub 4.
  • What is the best way to get better coverage around the home. Should i add an access point to the 2 wired connections. If yes any recommendations on brands? I have also heard about these wifi mesh systems (linksys do one) is this better option?

I would really appreciate any help people have.

Thank you

  difarn 16:38 14 Aug 2018

I would be inclined to use Home Plugs. I use TP-Link ones with ethernet and wifi capabilities. You can also buy them with a pass-through socket so that you still have a socket to use for another appliance. You put one directly into a socket and plug your router directly into it (not via an extension cable is recommended). You pair up the second by plugging it into a socket near to the first one you have the router plugged into and then put that second one into another socket somewhere else in the house. You should then get a decent wifi signal and also a spare ethernet point should you need one, if you go for that option. There are quite a few examples available here.

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