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  mama11 10:19 08 Jan 2012

how to setup a home wifi network with windows 7 ? I want to access internet of the main laptop (has internet using a dongle) for my other laptop which has no direct internet connection at the moment, but wifi enable.

  difarn 12:28 08 Jan 2012

It very much depends on the dongle. Are you using one of the mobile dongles - otherwise known as a mifi? This can act as a wireless hub.

If you have this you will need to look at the settings for the device which you should have on your pc - other pc's will need to have access to the IP address of your dongle - or you can set up ICS as described in the article below.

If you have just an ordinary dongle it is possible that you can get an adapter into which you just plug in your dongle and it will act as a wireless hub.

It may also be possible to share your connection using ICS - Internet Connection Sharing - see this article but I don't know how effective this will be.

  mama11 12:52 08 Jan 2012

Thx a lot for ur advice. It is a 3G mobile dongle(USB modem). I tried to bridge a connection as suggested by one of internet artical. But it does not allow mw to setup a bridge connection joining 3connect & Local Area Connection.

I really want to share this internet connection for my kids' laptop thru wifi.

I will try to do it with the link u sent.

Thanks Mama11

  mama11 12:57 08 Jan 2012

For ''ICS (Internet Connection Sharing)'' do I have to use network cables. I am trying for a wireless/wifi connection to share it.

Thanks Mama11

  difarn 13:45 08 Jan 2012

Yes you can set up your pc with your dongle to become a wireless access point and other pc's can connect wirelessly via ICS to this provided that your dongle supports this - this article explains it very thoroughly.

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