Home video to fit on one disc

  scoobydoo12 19:02 25 Jun 2011

Hi I have managed to copy a home video but it has gone onto 2 discs and I want to get it onto 1 how can I do this easily please? Any help appreciated

  mgmcc 19:08 25 Jun 2011

You could try DVD Shrink, although it is a while since I've used it and that was with Windows XP. I don't know if it would work with Vista or Win 7 if that's what you're using.

  ams4127 19:12 25 Jun 2011

Burn it to a dual layer disk.

  scoobydoo12 19:14 25 Jun 2011

I am using XP. Have tried DVD shrink but not sure if I did something wrong but it didn't work.

  Strawballs 19:19 25 Jun 2011

As said by ams4127 burn to dual layer disc unless your DVD burner is very old on not D/L

  eedcam 19:38 25 Jun 2011

.What size and format was the original file .Shrink is fine you say it did not work please clarify. what did not work With shrink you need to import the original file this can only be either an Iso image or a Video_ts folder .If your orignal file is not in these formats then you could just add the 2 files you created when you burnt the dvd into shrink reauthor them to one file ready for burningsc but easier to use dvd flick it will fit your file to one disc and is free link text In that choose to make an Iso file first Project settings >burning then tick the Iso box .That way you can the play that check the quality and that its all on the disc then burn to dvd if ok

  scoobydoo12 20:45 25 Jun 2011

It was a vhs video tape which I recorded onto disc which is why it took 2 discs. I am a total novice at this - can you tell lol

  eedcam 22:58 25 Jun 2011

Ok no problem then perhaps the easier for you is to use shrink What yop need to do is get shrink to create an iso of each one once you have done that come nback and I'll walk you through how to put them onto one disc or you can view this tutorial if you are stuck just ask ignore the fact this one is using several titles your s will probably only have one on each dvd link text

  David4637 16:52 27 Jun 2011

DVDShrink will work on W7,causwe I have used it - it is a very good app. David

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