home video on dvd save to hard drive

  Sandyums 20:10 28 Dec 2008

How do you save a home made holiday dvd, to Hard drive so that I can then edit it.
Tried playing it in windows, but there does't seem to be any way of sending it to a video file, tried right clicking but nothing.


  eedcam 22:36 28 Dec 2008

Hi so is this a proper dvd ie one that plays on your dvdplayer if so then all you need to do is rip it to your hard drive .Have you got Nero if not and better still get imgburn its free just put your dvd in and choose create imge file from disc.It will create an Iso image which you can then burn to dvd at a later date if required or just watch it as a dvd
click here

  Terminus90 09:18 29 Dec 2008

into mpeg or avi to edit it, try click here this should do the trick.

  Les28 10:24 29 Dec 2008

You mention editing the DVD, just wondering what software you will use to edit with, do you have Nero, Nero Vision Express will do this, or do you have video editing software that will accept input of VOB DVD files, or would you want to use Windows own Movie Maker.

What I used to do before I bought video editing software that will accept VOB files for editing is put the DVD in the drive on the pc, stop it playing by closing any program it plays with, or holding down the shift key as it loads.
Go into My Computer, right click the icon for the DVD drive, left click Open, then open the Video_TS folder and drag the VOB files only to a folder on my hard drive, this can take a few minutes.
To get Windows Movie Maker to accept input of the files for editing I used the free BadgerIT VOB2MPG program which is very quick to convert the VOB files to mpeg files which on my pc WMM will accept for editing. The edited work I saved in Movie Maker as a DV AVI file which I later burnt as a new Video DVD.

  Les28 13:07 29 Dec 2008

Or to avoid the need to convert the VOB files to mpeg files using a converter like MPG2AVI, a method I use sometimes is, same as before, if you drag only the VOB files from the Video TS folder to a folder on your hard drive you could then try just renaming the file endings from VOB to mpg, so if for example your first VOB file is called VTS_0_1.VOB rename it to VTS_0_1.mpg

Windows will warn you about making the file unstable etc, but just ignore that and OK the end change, on my pc Windows Movie Maker will accept the renamed file for editing.

You may need to have file extensions enabled for view, if you can't see the file extension VOB ending in the Video TS folder . In My Computer click Tools, Folder Options, View, and untick Hide Extensions for known file types, then Apply and OK, then go and have a look in the Video TS folder for the VOB ending files.

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