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  specialk1215 15:04 04 Dec 2009

Hello all,
I recently moved into a new house (typical old Victorian Terrace with thick walls and lots of floors) and I get reasonably pathetic signal strength outside of the kitchen where the router sits. I have tried moving the router around the house with no benefit, so have now just left it in the main socket in the kitchen. I purchased an n-class router to avoid this problem... but the range is still very weak. So much for the benefits of 'n-class' !

I am considering home plugs to help improve the range. Does anyone have any experience with them and what brand would you recommend?

FYI - I have O2 Broadband, and use their router (which is Thomson). I know the router is not the greatest, but I prefer to use the O2 router is this means I get their support when things go wrong. I am fairly technically inept, so getting support as part of my ISP package is worth it to me. :)

Any advice on the home plugs and if they work would be much appreciated!!

Thanks in advance for your help.

  Jollyjohn 15:54 04 Dec 2009


Home plugs should work for you. There are two standards for home plugs so just be aware which ones you buy initially in case you want to expand the network later.

Initially I would plug the in on opposite sides of the same room, follow the setup instructions and ensure there is a connection.

They are easy enough to set up - ethernet cable from router to homeplug 1.
Ethernet cable from homeplug 2 to PC / laptop.

Once you have established a connection move from room to room and experiment.
Always plug the Homeplugs into a wall skt, avoid extension leads.

  ambra4 16:28 04 Dec 2009

Take a read on power-line networking, using the electrical socket to network your computers

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Netgear 85 Mbps Power-line Ethernet Adapter (XE103) is the fast solution for extending

your home network by using standard electrical outlets.

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Also take a look at Netgear WGXB102 Range Extender Kit can provide you with wireless access

through any power outlet in your home, with no visible cables to interfere with your home décor

Download the pdf datasheet and take a read

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  specialk1215 18:30 04 Dec 2009

Thank you very much to both of you for the info. I will look into the Netgear products. My fear is that I will continue to spend MORE money to improve my range, and it will still be crap... but I have to try something!

Any other thoughts are welcome.

Thanks again.

  SimpleSimon1 10:46 05 Dec 2009

Am very happy with them and find them for easier and quicker than wireless, Absolute doddle to set-up and seem reliable

Go for the 200Mbps versions since they will enable you to punt media files around the place with no lag. Of course, if you're only ever going to want to move docs around, you could go for the 85Mbps versions but there really aint much difference in price

Personally, I use the Solwise plugs but I suspect that most of the leading brands are much of a muchness. Don't try to mix brands - it might work but then again might not and all the suppliers will just say that it's the other blokes fault!

You'll never get full-rated speed out of them but they do the biz and being able to simply move a connection by unplugging from one power socket and plugging in to another is absolutely brill!

BTW although everyone says don't plug into extension leads, I've seen several reports that say, depending on the lead, you can get away with it without too much loss of performance. Probably best to stick with sockets unless you've got no other choice

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