Home PC's are being targeted. Firewall essential!!

  Rigga 15:31 20 Sep 2004

Home PC's are being targeted. Firewall essential!!

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Always use a Firewall. (This is very important to stop the above attacks!, especially if you are on Broadband, and your connection is always on!)

Always use Anti Virus software, and keep it updated. (At least once a week.)


  Noleg24 15:37 20 Sep 2004

sounds like old news...but my PC is well and truly protected...(oh I've said it now...I have tempted fate as my girlfriend likes to put it!! lol) but I think thats a good pointer..thanks for that mate..

  badgery 15:50 20 Sep 2004

Strikes me that, as usual, the person giving us the 'information/warning' happens to be part of a commercial team who are in the business of selling us security against this very threat they are 'exposing' - or am I just an old cynic??

  badgery 15:53 20 Sep 2004

Must make clear I am refering to Mr Beighton (in the link article) and NOT to Rigga !!

  Rigga 16:02 20 Sep 2004

I agree with badgery that the threat is probably exagerated!

However there is threat, and it is very Real, that unprotected PC's are sending out SPAM, and/or viruses. I have come across and cleaned quite a few myself!

It is important to re-iterate that A firewall and Anti Virus software should be the minimum protection everyone should use.

Which is why I have posted this thread.


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