Home page hijacked by 'aboutblank'

  The Kestrel 16:41 13 Feb 2005

My wife's computer has suddenly been hijacked by malware. When she goes onto the internet her home page is now aboutblank. A dialogue box appears telling her she has malware on her computer and takes her to a site offering solutions at a price (in US$).

I have run both ad-aware and SpybotS&D which find critical objects, and I remove these. I then reset the home page to Yahoo, the usual one, and the first time IE loads up it goes to Yahoo. Any subsequent loading of IE goes back to 'aboutblank' and when I scan again the malware is back on the computer. How can I get rid of this permanently please?

  rawprawn 16:44 13 Feb 2005

Try turning system restore off before scanning, you will lose your previous restore points.

  rawprawn 16:49 13 Feb 2005

Also click here download and run this.

  The Kestrel 17:25 13 Feb 2005

I have downloaded and updated CWShredder and run it on the PC. This results in a report showing no infections of the Coolweb malware. When I reload IE 'aboutblack' is still there despite first resetting homepage. Ad-aware when run shows 15 CoolwebS infections in various places including several registry keys.

I am a bit wary of scanning with system restore switched off in case I need to use an earlier restore point. Is this why the problem is not being removed permanently?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:30 13 Feb 2005

Any computer that I see which has ad-infections, always gets the system restore turned off (remeber to turn back on after though). The files stored in system restore will re-infect the computer. You could also try the new MS antispy which tends to unearth quite a lot.....click here


  Taw® 17:33 13 Feb 2005

click here there should be enough on this to help. Before switching of restore try running the adawre in safe mode.

  Eargasm 17:36 13 Feb 2005

Have a read at click here and hope that Nellie2 comes along.

  misters 17:37 13 Feb 2005

Theres a programe called A2 or something like that, that might help, sorry i dont have a link.

  rawprawn 17:39 13 Feb 2005

Good advice from Taw® to try first but if all else fails, turn off system restore

  misters 17:39 13 Feb 2005

Or maybe i do click here

  rawprawn 17:41 13 Feb 2005

click here it is an excellent program, but I am not sure it will clear your problem.

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