Home page changed to adult one

  researcher 20:17 12 Mar 2003

Our home page has been redirected to an adult content one. I have changed back to our normal home page but everytime we re-log onto the net, the adult home-page comes back up.

I've also noticed that when we swap users, the net connection is dropped (it should ask to be closed)I assume this is so that it can log back to the adult page.

Help appreciated.

Using: IE6, outlook express,XP Home.

  AndyJ 20:25 12 Mar 2003

Have you had a look in Control Panel / Add/Remove Programs to see if a program has been loaded onto your PC without your knowledge. If so uninstall it.

If there's nothing there, have a look under Start / All Programs / Startup and see if there's a prog there that shouldn't be, right click on it and select properties to see where the offencing file is and delete both.

You should then be able to reset your homepage without problem

  VoG™ 20:25 12 Mar 2003

click here

Try these to get rid of what's caused this

click here click here

  spikeychris 20:26 12 Mar 2003

click here for everything you need to know.


  researcher 22:36 12 Mar 2003

Andy J, had already tried all that and it came back, but thanks for the suggestions anyway.

Vog, thanks but reg-edits I havn't touched yet. I'll give the lavasoft a go though.

Spikeychris, looks like some usefull stuff.

I'll get back and let you know how it goes.


  spuds 23:02 12 Mar 2003

On IE check your default setting.Then check your programme add/remove.Then as a final check, download something like Skybot S&D and let that seek the culprit out. Sometimes these little problems can be hard to find and erradicate.

  spuds 23:08 12 Mar 2003

Correction:That should have been SpyBot S&D not Skybot S&D.

  researcher 23:44 12 Mar 2003

Spuds, thanks, checked IE settings, set quite high, but not high enough!

All, Ad-aware did it, found 14 spy-ware things and 6 mailers which kept linking to the adult site. Once I'd changed the home site, logged of then back on all's ok now.

Thanks again all, once again PC Advisor forum readers to the rescue.

  researcher 20:18 13 Mar 2003

Blast, I was too soon in saying all solved.

It came back again, I went through each user account seperately and found more spyware and links, removed with Ad-aware, but the web page redirector keeps comeing back.

It loads an icon in the task-bar, a new program (just a short-cut) in all programms and somehow redirects the home page to wethere.com

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