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Home Networks - query about using spare routers

  Happy37 15:14 20 Jan 2020

Hi and Good afternoon.

I've got a weird and puzzling issue regarding one of the spare (new) routers which is part of my home network. This home network comprises of the main Plusnet router which is plugged into the main BT master socket.

From here, this router is plugged into a Netgear 8 port unmanaged switch. I've also successfully configured 3 more spare routers (by switching off DHCP and giving them all separate IP addresses.) These are plugged into the Netgear switch.

From the switch, these other 3 devices (2 Netgear routers; a DGN2000 wireless N and a WNR3500L wireless N) and an Archer C7 AC1750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit WiFi Router are hard-wired (using Ethernet cable) to provide Internet access to other parts of this house and the business.

I don't know if this the most optimal setup but this has worked successfully without any issues till date. All 3 of these networks share the same subnet. They all have different SSIDs (network names) to distinguish between them. As I said, DHCP is switched off on all of these spare routers with the main Plusnet router doling out IP addresses through DHCP via itself.

Having configured the WNR3500L router (in the kitchen); DHCP switched off, new IP address given, subnet kept the same, SSID name given, wireless password the same as the main router.

This all works fine. No issues there. It works and I can ping it on my PC and using Fing on my Android phone.

The same goes for the Archer C7 router. Visibility is fine and it works well providing Internet access to my nephew's room.

The Plusnet router is the MAIN (first) router and there are no issues with that one at all.

The issue is this. The DGN2000 is set up in the same manner as per the WNR3500L. But it keeps on dropping packets (there is a loss of ping and connectivity is momentarily lost and then it comes back.)

I tried a speedtest by putting the older Wireless G 54mbps router back in place of the DGN2000. All works fine as I hadn't reset that one in case it was needed back online.


  1. Is this setup too complicated and can it be simplified in any way? All I've done is to configure spare routers by switching off DHCP etc and adding them to my existing Plusnet router (and switch) network by extending the reach using network cable(s).

  2. Why isn't the DGN2000 wireless router not working as it should? I had already done a hard reset on that one before configuring it.

  3. Have I missed something so obvious? In the LAN setup of the router, DHCP is switched off. The SSID (Network names) are all different and the subnet masks are the same across the board for things to work. Wireless visibility is also on and all is working on that side for all the networks to be picked up in the bedroom, the business, the kitchen and my room (where the Plusnet router is situated.)

So what's wrong? I'm puzzled and I'm tearing my hair out. What have I missed? Can I simplify things and is the method I've used of combining spare routers too complicated and long-winded?

Thanks in advance to all answers gratefully received. And also for helping me get to the bottom of this conundrum.



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