Home Networking via old wireless router

  Yammers 18:03 07 Nov 2017

HI there.

I want to know if the following is possible.

I am in the uk and I have a redundent TPlin Archer D20.

I want to use it to set up a home network that is not connected to the internet and only use it for swaping files between machines and streaming movies from my laptop to chromcast.

i have heard that if i bridge it with my BT home router it will allow my laptop to connect to two networks at the same time. can this be done and if so how

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:56 08 Nov 2017

If your not connecting it to the internet no need to connect to the BT hub

Plug it in make sure the SID shows on the laptop, Run the chromcast app to change the Chromecast to the router SID you should now beable to stream movies from laptop to chrome.

If you want to use multiple wireless networks at the same time from one wireless card then this Virtual Wifi was something I played around with years ago.

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