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Home Networking - Next step Wireless Access Point?

  danslucky247 13:42 02 Jan 2019

We have WIFI router located (and connected)next to BT wallbox in centre of downstairs house. A short ethernet cable runs from router to TV. In order to remedy poor WIFI signal from this router in upstairs (particularly upstairs office) and summerhouse in garden (c.30 ft away) two CAT6 ethernet cables have been run from router. One goes round the outside of house and into the office. The other goes down the garden and into the summerhouse.

Now, in order to improve the wifi signal in the office and the summerhouse, with this current set up in mind (and acknowledging the set up may be sub-optimal, but it is what it is), is the next step to install a Wireless Access Point in each of those rooms? I want to keep a single wifi network across the house and the garden.

If so, what type/ specs is advisable? Any advice with installation?

If not, what do I now need to create a strong wifi signal in each of those rooms at the lowest possible cost?

Any advice gratefully received.

  Jollyjohn 14:47 02 Jan 2019

Since you have the CAT 6 cables inplace, I would recommend a MESH system - click here Scroll down a bit and look at some of the alternatives. Not neccesarily the cheapest option but it WILL work. I have installed a Google Mesh hard wired system in a Victorian house with walls so thick a wifi signal does not cover more than one room.

  danslucky247 21:05 03 Jan 2019

Many thanks @Jollyjohn. If hardwiring a MESH system (assume you mean by using ethernet cable rather than wireless connection between nodes), do you still need a "home" node connected to the modem/ router? Or do you just need to buy a node to connect in each room where you have ethernet cable installed?

  Jollyjohn 11:38 04 Jan 2019

In Mesh system, the router is the Home node. (Google Mesh is then set up using a phone app, not sure about other brands)

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