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  User-C36C17DD-CB36-4359-8C1755C210746FBE 18:16 28 May 2006

i am trying to creat a home network. i am using xp as my main computer the computer i am trying to network is win 98.
i have installed a network card on the win98 pc and it is working fine.
i have followed the instructions from xp and set up a network but the win98 pc wont connect.
created a disc to use on the win 98 and it does everything until the final stage where i get a message saying THE WIZARD CANT FIND YOUR NETWORK HARDWARE.
but it is there and working properly according to the device and hardware profiles... can someone tell me what i am doing wrong

  johnnyrocker 18:54 28 May 2006

click here or click here.


  Eric10 19:19 28 May 2006

click here and click here for detailed information on networking mixed operating systems.

  skidzy 19:23 28 May 2006

cornick...i think you may be better posting in Networking.

I did the same as you the other day by starting a thread here and was advised to move it to networking.

I asked the FE to move my thread across and there i got the expert help almost immediately.

Dont start another thread on this,just ask FE to move it,therefore we will not lose johnnyrocker's links that may help solve this.

Hope this helps
Good luck

  Legolas 20:52 28 May 2006

cornick is it Win98 or 98se because I dont think you can network Win98 as it doesnt have ICS. I am sure if I am mistaking sommeone will set you right

  Legolas 20:53 28 May 2006

Must learn to spell

  ade.h 21:22 28 May 2006

You only need ICS in a peer-to-peer ad-hoc network, where one PC is acts as a host. In a router/client network, it doesn't come into effect because none of the PCs need to act as a gateway; the router does that.

  Tim1964 00:04 29 May 2006


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