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I have just had a new pc with xp loaded, I also have my old pc with windows 98 loaded, I can access the internet on both as I have them both on a wireless cards ( although I have to turn off the firewall on the new one which is the master) I want to share files and a printer between them both and wonder if this will be possible as one is on XP and the other on 98, will I have to upgrade the 98 to Xp, the all I havr to do is work out how to do it!

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  [DELETED] 22:24 26 Dec 2003

have you tried inserting the xp disc and accessing "perform other tasks".

From there you can run the full networking wizard, either by the cd or make a network floppy for the win98 pc.


  [DELETED] 22:38 26 Dec 2003

Thanks I'll try to figure it out

  [DELETED] 00:46 28 Dec 2003

I made a floppy and can now get into my Windows 98 Pc from the Xp one, but not the other way around, would it be ok to install XP on the 98 PC without uninstalling the 98 or would that make it go berserk, also I have Zone alarm installed on both and find that I have to turn it off for the 98 to connect to the internet, it's on a wireless connection, any ideas?

  [DELETED] 01:05 28 Dec 2003

make sure xp's firewall is off for 98 to get into it.Also you have to add LAN into private newtork in zonealarm.Can you ping back and forth.I believe you cannot upgrade from 98 to xp.Also check to see if you have file and print sharing installed on both machines as windows for workgroups.

  [DELETED] 08:31 28 Dec 2003

I have a home network here, all machines ( 4 ) running XP. However, I did have a problem with 2 of them and in exasperation I plugged in an old machine running 98. I created a Network set up disk on the host machine running XP, and ran it on the pc running 98 and it networked with no problems. I just had to make sure that the LAN ip addresses were in trusted zone with Xone Alarm. The original problem I had is another story, but was resolved. ( 2 new machines had firewalls eneabled )

  [DELETED] 08:46 28 Dec 2003

Zone Alarm is stopping the 98 machine from accessing the XP one. Open ZoneAlarm and go to the firewall section, towards the top right corner click on the zones tab. Towards the bottom of the screen click Add >> and choose "IP Address", then enter the IP address of the 98 machine and give it a description. Then click on the main tab (top right), that Trusted Zone Security is set to medium.

  [DELETED] 20:11 28 Dec 2003

I have created a network set up disk and run it on the 98 but even with the firewalls turned off the 98 cant find the XP it is not appearing in the network neighbourhoodand when I go into the troubleshooter nothing is coming up so I was wondering if I need to install something on the 98, the internet sharing is working and I have file and print sharing installed on both machines. I know I'm thick but where do I find the IP addresses of the individual machines

  [DELETED] 17:21 29 Dec 2003

To find the IP address open up a command prompt on the computer and type "ipconfig /all". From the results look for the Ethernet LAN section and find the IP address. When you have found out both IP addresses, open a command prompt again and type "ping", replacing the with the IP address of the other computer. The result will either recieve 4 response or all 4 will time out.

Let us know what happens.

  [DELETED] 17:26 29 Dec 2003

Also check that the Internet Connection Firewall is disabled, just in case this causes the problem. Open up the properties of the network connection and click on the advanced tab. Ensure that there is no tick in the box.

This may not have anything to do with the problem, but you can but try.

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