Home network - which way?

  TrueEnigma 19:23 13 Jan 2005

I want to set up a home network to link 2 computers that are at least 40ft away and in different buildings. My thinking is to use the phone line method. If I did this would it affect broadband? I currently use dial-up and think I am right in saying that this shouldnt be affected but my area is FINALLY getting broadband next week, so naturally I have to have!!
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  freaky 19:55 13 Jan 2005

I should imagine a Wireless connection would suit your purpose.

You would need a PCI Card in each machine, then if you have XP use the Network Connection Wizard to set it up.

Might be worth waiting until you have Broadband before you do it though.

  Jeffers22 20:03 13 Jan 2005

Would agree with freaky in respect of wireless unless you have an easy way to lay cable safely between the two buildings. However, 40 feet and two external walls may be asking a lot, especially if they are more than 9 inch cavity walls so you may need to fit a booster or relay point in a window to get the best signal and connectivity.

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 20:09 13 Jan 2005

their are several methods of networking 2 pcs to share internet

1 cheapest option 2 network cards and a crossover cable (though the machine connected to the internet would have to be on for the other to connect to internet

2 router and patch cables so each machine can connect independantly

3 wireless have not used this method but i am sure someone can point you to the pros and cons

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