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  [DELETED] 23:09 06 May 2006

hi. just got a new pc and a laptop for my lad. i have successfully sorted a wireless network for us using a netgear modem router(main pc "wired"). in order to move the files from the old pc i connected into the netgear modem and have managed to share the files ie. old pc to new and old pc to laptop. the frustrating bit is that i moved some music onto the new pc before letting lofty copy them and now i can't seem to be able to see them on "my network" on the laptop. i'm surre its a setting somewhere but its late and i know if i start messing around i'll bugger it all up. any advice would be great. cheers. karl

  mgmcc 08:13 07 May 2006

- Have you set at least one folder as "shared" in each PC?

- Does each PC see itself and the other two PCs in "My Network Places"?

- Are firewalls properly configured to allow access to the networked computers?

- Are the files you are looking for in a "shared" folder in the PC they are stored in?

  [DELETED] 10:14 07 May 2006

q2 was the clincher, my firewall was set to recieve but not transmit. many thanks for your help, you've saved me from pulling all my hair out!!


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