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  Rogojan 10:20 20 Nov 2003

I've just connected two PC's in our house using a pair of US Robotics wireless PCI cards. I get signal strength as very good, but when I try to get filesharing going, I'm told that I have no authority to access my network.

I've run the network setup wizard on both PCs and this seems to have gone OK. However I cannot see the other PC in the "View network connections" windows. The network is a simple peer to peer setup with one PC connected to the net through the LAN port, and the second connected to the first through the wireless PCI cards.

Anyone out there can help me get these two PCs working together and sharing programmes?

Many thanks,


PS The wireless cards claim a 100Mbs connection speed, but they only give 54Mbs. Anyone out there considering buying may want to take this into consideration.

  scotty 10:59 20 Nov 2003

You have to make at least one directory available for sharing before other computers will "see" a computer on the network.

In Explorer, right click on the drive or directory to be shared, select properties then select the tab sharing. Select share this folder.

  Rogojan 11:05 21 Nov 2003

Thanks Scotty, but this has not solved my problem. A additional information, the manual for the wireless cards tells me to manually input the DNS address into the properties. However when I check the LAN connection the DNS address is allocated automatically and not listed, so I cannot input this into the wireless cards. Also the wireless cards do not give me the option of automatially selecting the DNS address.

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